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WRE/RetailCulinaryWaterServiceAreas (MapServer)

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Service Description: Currently (2018), this dataset represents 1,174 retail culinary water suppliers. These include public community, public non-community (transient), self-supplied industry (non-transient), and non-public water suppliers. This feature class includes system boundaries that are historical and no longer active. It also includes some systems that are outside the state. Historical and outside the state systems can be filtered using the ENDYEAR and STATE fields, respectively. ENDYEAR IN (2016, 2017) will give currently active public community suppliers within the state. Supplier types can be filtered using the SYSTEMTYPE field.These boundaries are derived from many different sources. They include spatial data received directly from the supplier, municipal boundaries, phone call descriptions of service areas, printed maps that had hand-drawn boundaries that were then digitized, etc.

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Copyright Text: Utah Division of Water Resources, Utah Department of Natural Resources, (Data Steward), Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center, Utah Department of Technology Services, Utah Division of Water Rights, Utah Department of Natural Resources, Utah Division of Drinking Water, Utah Department of Environmental Quality

Spatial Reference: 26912  (26912)

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