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Layer: Gunnison Sage-grouse (ID: 23)

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Name: Gunnison Sage-grouse

Display Field: Status

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: This data set is comprised of Gunnison sage-grouse occupied, potential, and vacant habitat that was clipped to the boundary of the state of Utah. Habitat categories were mapped collaboratively among state and federal stakeholders during the creation of the Gunnison Sage-Grouse Rangewide Conservation Plan, which was published in April, 2005. As defined within the conservation plan, the habitat categories are as follows:Occupied: Areas of suitable habitat known to be used by Gunnison sage-grouse within the last ten years from the date of mapping. Areas of suitable habitat contiguous with areas of known use, which do not have effective barriers to sage-grouse movement from known use areas, are mapped as occupied hatitat unless specific information exists that documents the lack of sage-grouse use. This category can be delineated from any combination of telemetry locations, sightings of sage-grouse or sage-grouse sign, local biological expertise, GIS analysis, or other data sources. Vacant or Unknown: Suitable habitat for sage-grouse that is separated (not contiguous) from occupied habitats that either (1) has not been adequately inventoried, or (2) has not had documentation of grouse presence in the past ten years. Potentially Suitable Habitat: Unoccupied habitats that could be suitable for occupation of sage-grouse if practical restoration were applied. Soils or other historic information (photos, maps, reports, etc.) indicate sagebrush communities occupied these areas. As examples, these sites could include areas overtaken by pinyon-juniper or converted to rangeland.

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Copyright Text: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

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